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Drents Museum

Erick van Egeraat

Europa | Assen

Winner of the competition launched in 2007 for the extension of Assen’s Drents Museum, Erick van Egeraat’s programme puts the accent on integrating architecture and urban context, creating a series of parks and water canals in the heart of the city. His solution to the extension brief of putting much of it underground, allows for layered functionality and effect. With this enlargement the museum, whose collections range from archaeological exhibits to modern art, has now acquired adequate space for top-drawer temporary shows. Of crystalline purity and intriguing luminosity, the new hall has dual-façade walls on either side whose upper parts - almost at ground level - are fully glazed, daylighting the whole area. The roof of the new wing is a sort of natural hillock laid out with walkways, lawns and parallel garden beds set in staggered order. The sides of this stepped roof are the...

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