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The Italian Side of International Style

Antonio Citterio | Patricia Viel

«...Let me reiterate: water equals time and provides beauty with its double. Part water, we serve beauty in the same fashion. By rubbing water, this city improves time’s looks, beautifies the future. That’s what the role of this city in the universe is. Because the city is static while we are moving. The tear is proof of that. Because we go and beauty stays. Because we are headed for the future, while beauty is the eternal present.» Josif Brodskij, Watermark - Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1992

For the global collective imagination, Italian architecture is epitomised by Venice.

Although a somewhat reckless statement, it is nonetheless a declaration of hope. Put simply, it associates architecture with the ability to transform the world we inhabit in two opposite ways: by signalling power or by signalling governance.

The signal of power is the highest...

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