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Mesh/earth terrace house

Kengo Kuma and Associates

Asia | Tokyo

Standing in a green district of Tokyo, this three-storey house with large open roof terrace is an exercise in interwoven, intermeshed elements, contrast and overlay. Spaces, materials, luminosity and views onto the surrounding greenery all combine to create complex relations, and essential, sleek geometries and volumes. The building seems to nestle into the vegetation. Even the boundary wall, made up of alternating transparent and stone segments, is bordered by trees on both sides, some set in straight rows running parallel to the manmade barrier. The striking architectural feature is the dialogue created between the building’s external skin and the full-height glazed walls of both the day and night zones. Superposed welded metal mesh panels run like protective bands around the walls, the top band serving as a balustrade for the roof terrace. The “empty” sections allow direct...

15.00 €
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