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Croatia Draws on Its Modernist Legacy

Njiric + Arhitekti | Rusan Arhitektura | Studio UP | Radionica Arhitekture | Randic + Turato | UPI-2M | Studio ZA Arhitekturu | 3LHD | Rafael Moneo

Croatia seems to have bobbed on the tide of history like a cork, nurturing its identity through centuries of conflict and foreign domination. A newly independent state of 4.5 million, it emerged, battered but intact, from the Yugoslav Federation and the homeland war of 1991-95. As architect Hrvoje Njiric explains, “for five centuries we took ideas from major European centers and adapted them to local conditions, allowing us to create our own little world. Because we were unaligned and peripheral, there was a burst of imagination, ambition, and talent.” That helps explain the remarkable legacy of modernism, especially in Zagreb, the capital and by far the largest city. Stjepan Planic designed landmark office buildings and several villas in the 1930s, and, in the late 1950s, Ivan Vitic created the muscular Zagreb Fair Pavilion, a sleek glass HQ for the communist party, and the innovative...

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