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The project: An essential means of dialogue

5+1AA Alfonso Femia Gianluca Peluffo

We work by means of “operative sentiments”. For us, the primary operative sentiment underpinning our idea of Architecture is “Generosity”. We are convinced that every architectural endeavour bears public significance, and that the purpose of every client and architecture, whatever the project or programme, is to offer a gift. The generosity we feel in giving concrete form to a concept lies at the very heart of what architecture is all about. All architecture is in some sense a public thing, an act of generosity allowing beauty and pleasure to be shared. Architecture can be the vehicle of “objective co-relatives”, whereby perceptive spatial events give substance to sensations, emotions and sentiments. By the same token, dialogue is the chiasm, or intersection, linking these spatial events and shared collective sentiments. As the locus of...

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