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The Timber Wave

Amanda Levete

Europa | Londra

A massive but intricate timber structure that took shape outside London’s Victoria & Albert Museum in time for the London Design Festival in September provided a visible symbol of the Museum’s commitment to the Festival as well as being a bravura example of imaginative design. But it was also much more - a demonstration of the power of collaboration, of what can be achieved when some of the best imaginative, analytical, and practical minds come together to create something that is at the limits of the possible. Called the Timber Wave, the 12.5 m high structure was designed by architect AL_A with engineer Arup and specialist fabricator Cowley Timberwork. Made using American red oak, it is the third collaboration between the American Hardwood Export Council and the London Design Festival - and the most ambitious. Despite its huge size, it uses furniture-making techniques and bent...

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