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Geometries of living

Although answering to different lifestyles and located in different countries - one in an old residential quarter of Olivos near Buenos Aires, Argentina; the other a short-stay holiday home set into steep cliffs facing the Pacific Ocean at Cachagua, north of Valparaiso, Chile - the two homes designed by Mathias Klotz exude the same refined elegance. In both, an uncompromising orthogonal plan with clearly readable architectural volumes lends a formal rigueur, further underscored by interiors of rarefied elegance where the restrained use of just a few materials - concrete, steel, glass and wood - makes for quiet refinement.The holiday home built by Klotz in Chile - the B House - makes the very most of its spectacular setting on a cliff overlooking an ocean beach by making massive use of transparent glazed walls. Firmly anchored to the sloping terrain, the compact, rigorous geometry...

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