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Light Architecture

Aside from glass, a variety of other translucent and transparent materials are equally attractive to architects: plastics, perforated metal plate and meshing. But perhaps most favoured are membrane materials that can also withstand structural loads. Textile materials have long served to protect against the elements such as sun, wind, rain and snow while at the same time, offering the advantage of large spans and a wide variety of shapes. The development of high performance membrane and foil materials based on fluoropolymers, e.g. translucent membrane material such as PTFE (poly tetrafluoroethylene) coated glass fibres or transparent foils made of ETFE (a copolymer of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene) were milestones in the search for appropriate materials for complex and long lasting building envelopes. The variety of projects of vastly different type and scale shows the potential...

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