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Residential Complex Merville

Pedro Sousa | Gonçalo Byrne

Europa | Jesolo

The centre of the Veneto seaside town of Jesolo has been the focus of a much-deliberated urban regeneration plan. The pivotal issue was and is to rethink how the resort’s building stock, coastal strip and natural pinewoods can be made to co-exist, upgrading the urban fabric and undeveloped stretches and safeguarding the coastal landscape. Initially drawn up in 1997 by Kenzo Tange, the plan provided for a series of high rises, a scheme that was subsequently somewhat revised in 2002 by Aurelio Galfetti to include the upgrade of a nearby marine pinewood. The “house in the park” straddles these two versions. Central to the building’s programme is the relationship between architecture and nature - here strongly present with the sea and beach on one side, and the pinewood, a public beauty spot, on the other. Both the architecture of Gonçalo Byrne and Pedro Sousa and the landscaping by...

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