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Matteograssi Headquarters

Lissoni Associati

Europa | Giussano

Designed by Lissoni Associati, the new, 3-storey headquarters of the furniture, furnishings and accessories group Matteograssi is located at Giussano near Monza in the Brianza region north of Milan. The building is an outward expression of the Group’s image as a longstanding company that has moved with the times. The focal point of the project is a large reinforced-concrete wall. It stands as a sort of architectural backdrop whose striking materiality serves two purposes: as a landmark ensuring the Company’s physical visibility, and internally, as a means of creating comfortable, secluded environments. Similar seclusion is afforded by the perimeter walls surrounding the production and warehouse units. The individual office volumes, a series of different-sized parallelepipeds, are set against this backdrop wall on both sides, at varying levels and juxtapositions. The imposing facade...

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