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House in Pinar de Castellanos

Carlos Casanueva

Europa | Santander

Designed by Carlos Casanueva, the Venera House is a highly unusual building. Standing in a pine forest clearing in Santander, northeast Spain, it seeks to reconcile opposites, namely, combine the essentially provisional nature of non-urban living with a sense of permanence like the age-old trees all around. Similarly, the building stands out in its forest clearing but at the same time blends with its surrounds. Extensive, full-height lights on the southern elevation are a diaphanous diaphragm between interior and exterior, with just a covered veranda to act as go-between. In contrast, the three bedrooms on the north side are more secluded, their smaller elongated windows set into an opaque wall. As well as combining opposites on a more philosophical plane, the house also contrasts materials and colours. The smooth textured outer cladding comprises starkly contrasting white limestone...

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