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Three Houses in Southern California

Barton Myers

Barton Myers flew supersonic fighters for the US Air Force before launching his practice, but, as an architect, his feet are firmly on the ground. His first mentor was Louis Kahn, and his respect for the classic tradition is demonstrated in a succession of award-winning theaters that were inspired by the opera houses of Italy. The horseshoe plan is given a fresh spin and movable sections allow it to be reconfigured to serve different needs. That fusion of past and present enriches the varied output of a modernist who shares the pioneers’ dream of rational building and of designs that can be easily replicated. Over the past decade, Myers has explored those ideals in a series of steel houses: a concept he first employed in 1970 while practicing in Toronto. Myers insists that every house he designs be prototypical, spatially interesting, and express the spirit of the era in which it is...

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