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The Hepworth Wakefield Museum

David Chipperfield

Europa | Wakefield

At first glimpse the Hepworth Wakefield, set at the headland of the River Calder with water on two sides, enjoys high visibility from all sides. The setting, although a conservation area, was derelict and inaccessible for many years, so the new museum with its grey pigmented concrete facades and roof is all the more of a surprise to witness. “There are no fronts and backs: we were very careful to avoid that”, says Chipperfield of the building, which is hub of ten individually sized, discret but connected, trapezoidal blocks. These house five galleries showcasing the work of the famous Yorkshire-born sculptor Barbara Hepworth, a gallery of works on paper from the 18th and 19th centuries, a small gallery of 20th century British artists and four galleries with 650 m2 of temporary exhibition space for contemporary multi-media works. The facades’ sculptural tactility and sense of...

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