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Single Family House

Maria Santacatterina | Giancarlo Zerbato

Europa | Schio

Architects Giancarlo Zerbato and Maria Santacatterina have designed a compact, rectangular single-family house on two levels. The stark design, achieved through the accentuation of volumes and careful choice of materials, is further highlighted by the extreme simplicity of the garden: a green lawn encircling the house and enclosed by a solid concrete wall, in sharp contrast to the surrounding hilly countryside. The programme is a contemporary take on the age-old concept of the house as a solid, protective shelter against the natural elements. Here architectural elements come together and overlap to produce a value greater than the sum of their parts. The volume presents as a sharply delineated single mass. The sense of compactness is further heightened by the overall clinker cladding, which even covers window recesses and sills. But within this whole, there are also variations. The...

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