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San Telmo Museum

Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos

Europa | San Sebastián

In San Sebastián, Nieto Sobjano have restored and extended the San Telmo Museum, making a linear addition to a 16th-century monastery that faces onto a wide plaza just below the city’s outer fortifications. They doubled the size of the museum, adding a new lobby, cafeteria, and educational areas, all of which are faced in panels of cast aluminum perforated in four random patterns. To soften these hard surfaces they sowed the panels with moss and lichen that are now beginning to emerge from the perforations. By day, these will form a green wall, and by night a lacy skein of light. San Telmo demonstrates a skill that seems to flourish in Spain. Other countries have a rich architectural legacy, but it’s rare to find such bold juxtapositions in which the new and old enhance each other. Nieto Sobejano previously demonstrated their skill in this delicate art while remodeling the monastery of...

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