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Cité de l’océan et du Surf

Solange Fabião | Steven Holl Architects

Europa | Biarritz

Perched on a hill high above the sea, at walking distance from the shore of the bay of Biscay, la Cité de l’Ocean et du Surf in Biarritz was inaugurated on June 25, 2011. The colors of the sea, the infinite marine horizon and the relatively unknown depth of the ocean, not to mention his own experience as a young surfer on the East coast of the Pacific Ocean, inspired Steven Holl to respond with a wave-like platform perpendicular to the coastline - a platform from which three glass pavilions emerge like three great rocks in the sea. Below this gently curved platform with a nearly folded edge - the crown of the wave - is a vast curved ceiling that provides a deep cavern where reflected daylight penetrates from above on three sides to be then mirrored on the ceiling. Below this ceiling lies the permanent exhibition. The first of the glass pavilions acts like a reflected lens to provide...

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