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Sistan and Baluchestan University Restaurant

New Wave Architecture

Asia | Zahedan

The project by New Wave Architecture (Lida Almassian and Shahin Heidari) for the self-serve restaurant at the University of Sistan and Baluchistan - located in south-east Iran near the borders with Pakistan and Afghanistan - is aimed, like other designs by this studio, at combining different elements, material density and the prominence of volumes, the architectural form becoming a reference point within Zahedan’s urban landscape. The building, of notable size, hinges on the uniformity of appearance derived from the use of travertine cladding on the exterior walls, which is reversed inside the building. Because of the colour and texture of the travertine, from a distance it resembles a continuous band, creating an impression of the building as a compact solid. In reality, the project encompasses an extensive expression of key architectural concepts in bringing together a demonstration...

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