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Rai Studio, Pouya Khazaeli Parsa in Iran

RAI Studio

The idea of the ideal is no stranger in Iran. Indeed Iranian culture seems in various ways drawn toward the prospect of perfection. The wider world, in which most of us live, owes to this complex and sometimes turbulent world the concept of paradise; or at least that word’s etymology in pairi.daêza-, according to Wikipedia a “walled (enclosure)”, from pairi- “around” + -diz “to create, make”. And many great works of Persian art, film, poetry or design appear, at least to this outsider, to be highly focused, ruthlessly edited compositions…in fact, entire constructed worlds in and off themselves. The villas built recently by the young Iranian architect Pouya Khazaeli Parsa are striking as stark concentrations of plastic ambition. First the Darvish Residence-a habitable staircase ascending to the sky-and now the Shahbazi Residence-a white cubic villa balanced on four flattened...

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