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Office dA - Nader Tehrani in USA

Office dA

Time and again over the course of the 20th century, architects embarked on that most bizarre of research exercises: the attempt to identify scientific elements, data or architectural forms that would serve as an antidote against all accusations of formalism. One such example was the endeavour to formulate architecture as a classifiable, and hence transmissible, body of knowledge. In similar vein are the attempts to theorize architecture as an expression of a particular zeitgeist, or to interpret a stylistic strategy - like minimalism or the poetic fragment - as signifiers of social and economic changes driving cultural developments. The same mindset is behind the importance attributed to numbers as a means of holding in check the many and varied extravagances of the individual. Today this striving for happiness, or at any rate, for momentary relief from our mental turmoil appears as an...

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