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Mellat Park Cineplex

Fluid Motion Architects

Asia | Tehran

Located on the edge of extensive urban parklands in Tehran and with superb views of the ring of distant mountains, the Mellat Park Cineplex is a multipurpose building for the arts and entertainment as well as a social gathering place. The project, the work of Fluid Motion Architects (FMA, Reza Daneshmir and Catherine Spiridonoff), takes in a number of important objectives, including the revitalization of an underused urban space and the creation of flexible architecture, based on modern reality and ideals. The study of dynamic and flowing structures and forms is part of the studio’s key conceptual approach - that is, to integrate spaces and structures, create an open dialogue between the metropolis and important architectural elements, and develop architectural places that become new points of attraction within a city. The building emphasizes non-regular geometries. This characteristic...

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