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Apartment No.1

Architecture by Collective Terrain

Asia | Mahallat

This mixed function, multi-storey building in the ancient town of Mahallat, central Iran, was designed by Ramin Mehdizadeh of the AbCT (Architecture by Collective Terrain) practice. The ground floor is occupied by four retail premises while the four upper levels are residential, for a total of eight apartments. Commercial premises were included in the programme to bring down the cost of the residential portion in a region of depressed property prices. The plot is a long, narrow polygon. An irregular 6-sided wedge, it backs up against a built area to the west while its eastern side faces onto the road. The building too has an irregular polygon footprint. The south side abuts onto unoccupied ground. On this side, a protected forecourt serves as an approach and ramp to the below ground level. The area is partly paved and partly strewn with gravel and pebbles, these latter also used on...

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