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Private Villa

Mecanoo Architecten

Europa | Wageningen

Located on the outskirts of the Dutch university town of Wageningen, a private villa sits snugly in a romantic landscape of gentle tree-lined slopes, water-filled hollows and broad rivers, one of them the Rhine. Blending architecture with its natural setting underpinned Mecanoo’s approach to the project. This has been achieved with a building that nonetheless stands out for the intensity and elegance of its design and materials. The architecture seems poised on the fine line between amalgamation and separation of its parts: a recognisable whole yet one whose component elements are clearly identifiable.
The interplay of concave and convex geometries creates a single unit whose individual elements reach out into their natural surrounds. Projecting floor slabs curve and slope around the volumes to form a polygonal perimeter. As well as splitting the building’s height, they provide an...

15.00 €
4.49 €

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