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Long Room Hub, Trinity College

McCullough Mulvin Architects

Europa | Dublino

The Long Room Hub is a building for research and thought, a modern space taking account of the haphazard, the natural, in a way that mimics the synapses of the brain. The building found the site and not vice versa. The University has the character of rectilinear planar stone volumes defining intimate squares. Routes leak out at corners, axial views, crabwise circulation.
The Old Library formed one side of a 20th century square; its west end was unresolved. Sitting astride the roof of a sunken lecture theatre, the Hub was located here. It is literally a bridge, a steel truss linking two supporting cores, provisional rather than rooted - a weighty thing paradoxically light and floating: the impossible lightness of ideas. It judges its height against the Old Library, creates a backdrop behind the diminiutive 1937 Reading Room to scenographically close Front Square, piled up...

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