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Rush Library

McCullough Mulvin Architects

Europa | Rush

The public library of Rush, a town north of Dublin, is located in the deconsecrated church of St Maur, formerly an arts centre. In 2007 the Fingal County Council gave the go-ahead to convert the building - an 18th century structure in local grey stone remodelled along typically Victorian lines with Gothic windows, leaded glass panes and stocky belfry.
The conversion brief was given to the architect practice of Niall McCullough and Valerie Mulvin. The renovation programme was intentionally discreet. Preliminary research was conducted into the original materials, and the former structure and historic features, like the slate roof and Gothic windows, were preserved and restored.
Inside, the original building became the shell-like container for the sequential layout of the new function. The distinction between the pre-existing architecture and the new library volume is...

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