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Dutch Urban and Landscape Design

Ten years after Bart Lootsma’s seminal, sell-out book, “SuperDutch, New Architecture in the Netherlands”, the country’s younger practices demonstrate a consistent interest in finding original urban design solutions. But they are working on reduced budgets long after the Golden Age, that helped to launch practices like UN Studio and MVRDV, ended.
While the datascapes MVRDV became celebrated for embraced the entire “situation” of an architectural challenge, in a way that allowed the architect a certain measure of control, now it appears that the fad of datascaping has been usurped by environmental interests in advancing sustainable, people-centred architecture and the advantages of the informal. Nonetheless original uses of space and form, if less spectacular these days, prevails in the hands of the post-SuperDutch generation.
One of the most exciting interests of Dutch design...

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