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Dar HI Eco-Lodge

Matali Crasset

Africa | Nefta

Tourism in the desert is always going to inspire conflicting attitudes, those encouraging the boon to local economies versus those decrying the use of scarce resources for luxury retreats. Paris-based designer Matali Crasset’s first foray into architecture seeks to find a balance. Some might say this is a daring project, perched as it is on the edge of the Sahara and aiming to use only local materials, labour and produce to serve guests who may arrive from all parts of the globe to experience a taste of life in a Tunisian village, or just a period of relaxation disconnected from the sights and sounds of western urbanism. But for the team behind it, there was never any question that this was going to be a different kind of hotel.
After their successful collaboration on the Hi Hotel in Nice in 2003, Matali Crasset and hoteliers Patrick Elouarghi and Philippe Chapelet were keen to...

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