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Refining Basic Principles and Moving Forward

Richard Meier & Partners Architects

In his fifth decade of practice, Richard Meier remains consistently fresh, true to the principles that defined his earliest work. There is a direct link between the Smith house of 1965 on Long Island Sound, and a group of villas now under construction on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The language has become richer, the finishes more precise, but both employ the same minimalist aesthetic of white planes and expansive glazing, a cutaway cube infused with natural light. Not since Mies - who famously declared that he saw no reason to reinvent himself every Monday morning - has an architect pursued the same path so fruitfully for so long. Le Corbusier, whose purist villas of the 1920s were a point of departure for Meier, was a chameleon who reinvented himself every decade.
Meier is an unwavering modernist who was never distracted by the short-lived fads of post-modernism,...

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