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Michael Maltzan in California

Michael Maltzan Architecture

America settentrionale | Los Angeles

Architecture in Los Angeles both exposes itself to an exterior world in flux and retreats to accommodate a human need for privacy, calm and a sense of protection. In this complex, expanded field, Architecture can be an inductive accumulation or assembly of component parts yet struggle to configure itself as an ideal object - Architecture, that is, as the singular icon. These are some of the dichotomies informing the intelligent, elegant work of LA-based Michael Maltzan. His buildings both relate to the outside world and instigate interior landscapes or microcosms.
Through scenography and editing, two Hollywood tools-of-the-trade, the Pittman Dowell Residence demonstrates such play or interplay of dualities in a unique setting. On a south-facing slope in La Crescenta north of Los Angeles, Lari Pittman and Roy Dowell, both painters, have lived for several years in the Serulnic...

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