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Interview with Richard Meier

Richard Meier & Partners Architects

Nicola Leonardi - Your way of designing architecture has remained constant down the years. Your modernist approach has spanned many trends: post-modernism, de-constructivism, high and low-tech. If you had to describe your approach to contemporary architecture, how would you define it?
Richard Meier - I believe that architecture is part of a continuum in that we cannot ‘not’ recognize what’s happened before, and what we do today is related to the history of architecture. But it doesn’t need to look like what was there in the past; it has to be part of the present. I’d like to think of our architecture as being contemporary, meaning that it’s related to life and human scale today, to the way in which we live, to the context in which we build today and not to some ideas about the past. In all good architecture there’s one common denominator: the...

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