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Chiesa Madre, Gibellina - Twenty Years Later

Ludovico Quaroni

Europa | Gibellina

It is not easy to talk about a project still only (partially) completed forty years after the first designs were commissioned, and some twenty years since the end of the first phase raised false hopes that an end was in sight. It is especially difficult when the building in question has become such a (painful) symbol of much of Italian architecture.
The back story of this project is well known: after Gibellina was devastated by the dreadful 1968 earthquake in Italy’s Belice valley, Ludovico Corrao, the town’s progressive and enlightened mayor, decided that instead of reconstructing the old town, a new Gibellina would be built on a site 18 km away. The remains of the old town razed to the ground by the earthquake were frozen in a spectacular cement structure known as the Cretto by the artist Burri.
The layout and buildings of the new town were developed by world renowned...

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