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Elasticospa aims for expressive architecture of striking materiality. Stefano Pujatti, its founder, says as much in his monograph “Architettura al sangue” (Raw Architecture), published in 2008. As the title intimates, Pujatti seeks sensory involvement, the release of almost primordial energy, not perhaps without a touch of self-satisfaction, like ordering a rare steak to strike a politically incorrect anti-vegetarian pose.
“The architecture that interests me”, he writes, “springs from the fantasies of those that produce or commission it, because fantasies come close to ideas but are a little less pretentious”. Food has many analogies with the art of building: cooking requires putting together raw materials, mixing flavours to please the cook but also the particular tastes of the client. It is linked to ritual and tradition yet requires a critical, innovative approach. It involves...

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