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Villa A

Najjar & Najjar Architects

Hovering lightly alongside a hillside of Linz, the villa designed by the Austrian firm of Najjar and Najjar is a statement on materials and at the same time a celebration of lightness and air. There are elements long familiar to modernism-the pure planes of glass and travertine, the open interior arrangement, the adherence to a few, carefully chosen materials, in this case, aluminium, stone and glass, that are allowed to have not only a functional but an aesthetic presence. But then there is a flourish and a calm, dynamism and stillness in this house that takes modernist precepts to a new level of engagement. Though they are known for their experiments with kinetic architecture and futuristic yacht design, the architects deny that they had any specific theme or model in mind when this project was conceived. The basic mechanics of the 420 sq m house follow a logical sense of order and...

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