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North Carolina Museum Of Art

Thomas Phifer and Partners

Now that the recent spate of “signature” museum buildings seems to be sputtering to some sort of end, those formally ambitious structures dissipating from the succès fou of Gehry’s Bilbao Guggenheim to the sometimes bizarre confections by Libeskind or Calatrava or Randall Stout, it is particularly refreshing to consider a sober, intelligent and elegant work such as the new orthogonal galleries for the North Carolina Museum of Art. Designed by the New York architect, Thomas Phifer, the new building doesn’t contort or fragment or expose its innards to a prurient outside world; it displays art in a comprehensible sequence of space, suffused in modulated natural light. The new galleries and the facility they largely supplant exist as fragmentary elements in an extensive and attractive parkland west of downtown Raleigh. This is The South; or, more correctly, The New South with its rapid,...

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