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Enric Ruiz Geli Cloud 9

What identity do you give a building with the role of digital technology hub in a new science and technology district? Cloud 9’s Media-TIC in the emerging 22@Barcelona, fortunately cannot be seen solely as an aesthetic statement. With its distributed sensor programme, it ‘performs’ its own climate control, with digital technology enabling an ETFE (ethylene tetrafluroethylene) skin - an energy-saving dynamic interface configured as a mosaic of milky white cushions over the 40x40 m facades in two different formats - according to the orientation. One façade has a single vertical cushioned panel containing nitrogen and oil to filter solar radiation, while the entrance side on C/Sancho d’Avila, has triangular inflatable cushions in a net around the structure that gleam in the sunshine. Their three air chambers work like a diaphragm, adjusting as sensors evaluate heat and the angle of the...

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