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Schueco Italia Headquarters

B+B associati

By combining noteworthy architecture and technological innovation, Schüco Italia’s new headquarters in Padua’s industrial district makes a clear company statement. The building houses top management, design, commercial, training, highly automated warehousing and showroom facilities. It is also a real-life demonstration of Schüco products at work. The design of B+B Associati of architects Marco Bonariol and Renato Bredariol is rigorously essential. The whole tone is one of quiet understatement. While each functional area is clearly identifiable, environments are designed to enhance the forward flow of the building. State-of-the-art technology ensures maximum occupant comfort. The tall pillars of the warehouse already on site were kept when converting the building into a high-tech logistics centre while a new parallel volume was built to house office and top-management functions. The...

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