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Elmpark Green Urban Quarter

Bucholz Mcevoy Architects

Located in south Dublin, Elmpark, designed by architect firm Bucholz McEvoy, is a high-density, low-energy, mixed-use development. Covering around 70,000 sq m, it is framed by mountains, sea and an adjacent urban area.
The six, 8-storey buildings making up the new neighbourhood are set at right angles to a north-south communication route. Their carefully studied orientation allows full exploitation of direct sunlight and natural ventilation, which along with state of the art envelopes and plants allows primary energy reductions of some 60%. Two of the buildings are residential, three occupied by offices, while the last houses a day hospital and hotel.
The project is completed with a swimming pool, recreational area and housing for senior citizens.
Set amid luxuriant vegetation, all buildings stand on stilts. This frees up the ground level for an...

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