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Germann House

Marte.marte architekten

Europa | Feldkirch

The private villa “Haus Germann” designed by Marte.Marte Architekten is located in the gently sloping countryside near the small Austrian town of Feldkirch. A monolithic, almost hermetic, block, the building looks a bit like a meteorite fallen from the sky. The east and north elevations have only slit openings: a small niche to mark the east entrance, and a first-floor light framing a court with sweeping vistas to the north. The other two elevations, however, have large glazed surfaces overlooking the valley and providing views of the mountains beyond. Here, a terrace-cum-outdoor sitting room, also accessible via a ramp from the ground floor, overlooks a natural pond. The open-plan upper floor contains the garage, night zone, kitchen and living/dining areas. The circulation route creates unexpected diagonal views and perspectives that never fail to surprise and give a sense of breadth...

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