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Office Complex

Matteo Thun

Thanks to the upcoming Expo 2015, Milan has once again become a building site after a period of inactivity. Building projects have sprung up in a wide range of areas - the Fair District, the former Falck industrial brown site, Santa Giulia and Portello - creating great hopes for the future. One of the most recent developments is the “Tortona district”, a former industrial area that has done an excellent job of turning itself into a highly desirable, prestigious quarter.
The offices designed by architect Matteo Thun at number 37 Via Tortona combine programme creativity with sustainability. By allowing the genius loci to prompt the volumes and shapes, the new construction blends effortlessly with the surrounding urban and natural landscape.
The five, 6-storey buildings now occupying the 25,000 sq m former industrial site are built around an extensive inner garden court. They...

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