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Banca dell’occhio

Emilio Ambasz

Europa | Mestre

For Emilio Ambasz, contemporary architecture is all about integration with nature. The solution proposed by this Argentine-born architect is a radical one: integration must be written into the original programme so that the building itself becomes the agent of symbiosis, its structure embracing the natural world.
In extensive projects, as much of the site as possible should be left construction-free and landscaped to reflect the natural state; the built footprint should be as contained as possible to allow residents or citizens to enjoy their natural surroundings to the full. Architecture can provide the same, life-enhancing features through proportioned interiors, the play of solids and voids and comfort-zone luminosity and ventilation. On a broader scale, architecture should return to the strategic balance of built volumes and gardens.
This balance, says Ambasz, was...

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