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Paolo Lucchetta + Retaildesign

In a global world commercial architectures have for some time taken on a uniform character, a fate some have tried to elude through stylistic ploys, celebrity architects and aesthetic experiments. Awareness of this state of affairs has been influenced essentially by two original definitions. The first is the “non-place” coined by Marc Augé. In contrast to what Augé calls anthropological places, non-places are all those spaces - including commercial areas - with no identity, devoid of human engagement or history. Non-places are spaces where the paths of individuals cross but do not meet. They are the product of a society of excess, where historic places are not embraced but rather placed on the sidelines and dubbed as “curiosities” or “objects of interest”. Non-places focus exclusively on the present. They are synonymous of our era; everything about them is precarious, improvised and...

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