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Libeskind Villa

Daniel Libeskind

Europa | Datteln

Rheinzink recently inaugurated a new entrance pavilion for its headquarters at Datteln in Germany, to an innovative plan by Daniel Lebeskind that blends design and sustainability.
Libeskind Villa, as it has been called, is on the model of a “concept house”. It has been designed by the architect for Rheinzink and developed by Proportion as the first of a series of residential prototypes by leading names in international architecture, destined for limited-series construction and distribution. In the case in point the use will not be residential but a reception centre for visitors, extending to lecture rooms and a showroom illustrating the plan behind the building itself. To meet these demands a number of adjustments had to be made. From the entrance foyer serving as reception an open staircase leads to the floor above with its many meeting rooms. The ground floor contains more...

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