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Europe: directions of urban regeneration

Iceland / Reykjavik
The 375-acre site of Vatnsmýri lies near the centre of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik. It used to be the airport, built by the British armed forces at the outset of World War II and then turned over to civil use. The decision to move the airport to another site left room for a new urban development scheme as outlined in the competition that was opened in 2007 and awarded first prize to JPPD Architecture, Studio Irander and Graeme Massie Architects. Whitin the shortlisted was the proposal of italian practice CSIAA lead by Roberto Cherubini.
The aim is to consolidate the urban fabric, prioritising quality and building a strong sense of community. Owing to its position adjacent to the old centre, Vatnsmýri is a prime development opportunity to design a markedly contemporary town structure on the principle of flexibility. In the new urban fabric,...

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