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Astana: Development of a new Capital City

Foster and Partners | Tabanlioglu Architects

In 1997 the Kazakhstan government decided to shift the capital city from Almaty, near the Chinese border, to the agricultural centre of Akmola, which is more central and closer to the frontier with Russia. The new capital has been called Astana (which actually means “capital” in Kazakh). An international competition was held to help choose the form and master plan for the new city on a 30 years’ basis development and in 1998 Kisho Kurokawa Architect & Associates were proclaimed the winners.
Their proposal is fully in line with the design philosophy Kisho Kurokawa has been pursuing since the Sixties when, along with other young Japanese architects, he founded the “Metabolist Movement”: their underlying idea was that we should move on from a “machine-based era” to a “life-based era” via the concepts of metabolism and symbiosis.
Astana has all the connotations of a...

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