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The 6th “International Sustainable Architecture Award” 2009

The 6th “International Sustainable  Architecture Award” 2009
By Editorial Staff -

This year saw the sixth edition of the “International Sustainable Architecture Award”, an idea conceived and promoted by the Ferrara Architecture Faculty with Fassa Bortolo. Taking part this time were project designers from 19 worldwide countries who entered 61 projects for the “Works Completed” section and 41 dissertations for the “Degree Theses” section. This annual award is given to a project completed over the last five years by an individual architect or a design firm. For the “Works Completed” section the jury chaired by Thomas Herzog and composed of Françoise Hélène Jourda, Michael Hopkins, Nicola Marzot and Gianluca Minguzzi selected six projects, all deemed worthy either of the prize or of special mention for their high architectural quality and their contribution to award goals. This 2009 edition was won by the practice of Solinas Verd Arquitectos who entered their project “26 VPO social residences”, now completed at Umbrete, Spain. This new urban residential estate blends perfectly in scale and proportion with the architecturally traditional town context for which it was designed. A simple, clear, functional layout; volumes are deployed in a well-calculated full-and-empty sequence relating the indoor and outdoor living spaces in a practical way for convenience of use and control of the bioclimate. The way the volumes are put together creates just the right spatial interplay to generate a natural through-draught, as well as proper shading for the open areas in summer. The excellent handling of the energy factor is here completed by extra details of composition, such as awnings for patios and terraces, and well thought-out inclusion of vegetation. The decision to keep building operations simple dictated that the material used should be easy to procure and familiar to local workmen. This enhanced the quality of workmanship and cut costs. The projects awarded special mention stood out in a number of significant ways. The Dublin Elm Park Low Energy...

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