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Sliding House


Europa | Suffolk

Flexibility in a house is usually more of a concept than a physical reality. But in this house by dRMM in the Suffolk countryside, flexibility, or changeability, is a literal condition of the building design. Its remarkable achievement is not in any new form, since planning guidelines dictated strict limits as to height (7.2 metres) width (5.8 metres) and style (the local agricultural vernacular). Here the great flexibility comes from materials and function, a series of buildings that are traditional in aspect, but that are transformed by the changing position of a giant moveable outer structure. The main areas of the house - guest annex, garage, services, living space - are accommodated in a linear arrangement of rectilinear, pitched-roof buildings, shapes that can be traced to early medieval and Romanesque structures. So the basic premise of the house is very rooted to historic...

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