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Wall House

FAR - Frohn&Rojas

Architect practice FAR - Frohn & Rojas - has developed a truly unusual two-storey residence-cum-studio on the outskirts of Santiago. The basic architectural concept is one of progressive outward extension - starting from a central core and building on in layers. This gives rise to spaces that contain and are defined by construction elements as the volume grows like an organic being from its ‘hard’ kernel. As it grows, the layers become increasing lightweight, transparent and slender. So from the outside the house looks more like a gigantic tent. The walls seem to fluctuate; when lit up, the interiors are fully visible from outside.
The architectural programme has also other important objectives: creating an open, welcoming interior and employing eco-efficient building and servicing technology; in a word, building an eminently inhabitable, cost-conscious home that sits...

15.00 €
4.49 €

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