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Piergiorgio Semerano

Toti Semerano

Europa | Casarano

Piergiorgio Semerano was born in 1941. He graduated from Venice University under Giancarlo De Carlo, and worked with him for a certain time. He was also drawn to the genius of Carlo Scarpa. Not the uniquely inimitable style that his mediocre epigoni wax so enthusiastic about, but his ability to dialogue with the pre-existing architecture and preserve it, though only after changing the spirit of it in a way we would nowadays consider violent.
Feeling out of his element in the Venice milieu, Semerano decamped to Finland where he worked for some months with Alvar Aalto. He tried to introduce various Nordic architects to the Venice scene, but with limited success: the informal language deriving from organic architecture tended to be misunderstood by a school that was increasingly bound up with ‘historical’ and neo-rational tenets. He set up a practice in Padua but was often away on...

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