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New Acropolis Museum

Bernard Tschumi Architects

Europa | Atene

The New Acropolis Museum is an intelligent building. Rational, unadorned, didactic, experiential, it’s a major achievement by Bernard Tschumi, the Swiss-French-American architect and theorist who, since winning the competition for Paris’s Parc de la Villette now a quarter century ago, has surprised - if not silenced - his critics by applying polemical concepts to the assembly of steel, concrete and glass. Tschumi’s work is abstract rather than empirical or representational; his architecture has ambitions far removed from any simple replication of known architectural imagery.
The New Acropolis Museum is also a political trophy for Greece’s ruling class. It’s a bravura, 130 million Euro propaganda machine recently inaugurated, after decades of false starts and bureaucratic setbacks, amid vaguely comic pomp and circumstance. Its mission is not only to house stunning historic artefacts...

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