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“Klein Bottle” House

MCR McBride Charles Ryan

Oceania | Mornington Peninsula

The holiday home “Klein Bottle House” is located on the Mornington peninsula south of Melbourne near the ocean. The architecture fits into a landscape of dunes, hollows, trees and shrubland like just another geographical feature: an artificial outcrop whose sharp-cornered surfaces form a geometrical continuum following the contour lines on the horizon.
The programme by Rob McBride and Debbie-Lyn Ryan takes its cue from topological mathematics and the “Klein bottle” theory whereby a continuous surface has no distinction between interior and exterior. Here a mathematical experiment becomes a real building conforming to a specific context. The outer walls are inclined at acute angles; the hardwood-framed windows become free geometrical figures.
The building has the form of a spiral or shell. The spiral originates at the inner court that also serves to allow light and natural...

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