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Hemeroscopium House

Ensamble Studio | Antón García-Abril

Europa | Madrid

Iconic in both design and construction, the large Hemeroscopium House in Las Rozas, a town just outside Madrid, is a statement by architect Antón García-Abril and his Ensamble practice on how large structural components like concrete and steel beams - usually employed for bridges or viaducts - can be turned to residential use.
After a lengthy design phase, the prefabricated pieces of the building were rapidly fitted together on site to create this unusual detached family home that stands as a symbol of what can be done with components out of context.
Construction started with the laying of the first upside down A-pillar supporting the first beam. It continued in an upwardly spiralling sequence of seven huge structural components: concrete beams (three 2.65 m high, more than 21 m long double T beams weighing between 53 and 59 tons; two, 1.1 m high, 21 m long U-beams weighing...

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